Tamagotchi Connexion V3 Melon Soda

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Tamagotchi Connexion V3 Melon Soda

The latest generation Tamagotchi Connexion introduces owners to the virtual Tamagotchi world. You still need to look after your pet as you did before. He or she will evolve differently depending on how well you take care of it. Play games with it, feed it and cure it when it is sick. Use the Infra-Red function to connect with other Tamagotchi friends, play games and exchange gifts. If you find a special friend you can even have Tamababies are raise the next generation of Tamagotchis. Find new special passwords in Tamagotchi Town. Shop for new items, travel to foreign destinations. Version 3 has new designs and new colours. New two-way interactivity with Tamagotchi Town website.

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